ZGAQ-02242 ZGAQ-02246 Tie Rod Assembly Excavator Axle Track Rod LH RH

Part name: Tie Rod Assembly
Parts number: ZGAQ-02242 ZGAQ-02246
Model: R140W-7
Brand: YOOWIS, OEM or as Required
Packaging Details: Carton, Wooden Case, or as Required
Payment terms: T/T, PayPal, Western union
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China (Mainland)
Port: HuangPu port
MOQ: 1 pcs


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ZGAQ-02242 ZGAQ-02246 Tie Rod Assembly Wheel Excavator Axle Track Rod LH RH

Product Description:

Part name: Tie Rod Assembly
Parts number: ZGAQ-02242 ZGAQ-02246
Model: R140W-7
Brand: YOOWIS, OEM or as Required
Packaging Details: Carton, Wooden Case, or as Required
Payment terms: T/T, PayPal, Western union
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China (Mainland)
Port: HuangPu port
MOQ: 1 pcs

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Compatible models:


9-SERIES WHEEL EXCAVATOR  R140W9   R140W9A   R140W9S   R160W9A   R170W9   R170W9S   R180W9A   R180W9S  


Parts on group FRONT AXLE CASING :

Pos.Part NoQtyParts name
010.ZGAQ-02889[2]  CASING-AXLE
050.ZGAQ-00528[2]  SHIM(0.1)
050.ZGAQ-00529[2]  SHIM(0.15)
050.ZGAQ-00530[2]  SHIM(0.2)
050.ZGAQ-00531[2]  SHIM(0.25)
050.ZGAQ-00532[2]  SHIM(0.3)
050.ZGAQ-00533[2]  SHIM(0.35)
050.ZGAQ-00534[2]  SHIM(0.4)
050.ZGAQ-00535[2]  SHIM(0.45)
050.ZGAQ-00536[2]  SHIM(0.5)
050.ZGAQ-00537[2]  SHIM(0.55)
050.ZGAQ-00538[2]  SHIM(0.6T)
050.ZGAQ-00539[2]  SHIM(0.65T)
050.ZGAQ-00540[2]  SHIM(0.70T)
050.ZGAQ-00541[2]  SHIM(0.75T)
050.ZGAQ-00542[2]  SHIM(0.8T)
050.ZGAQ-00543[2]  SHIM(0.85T)
050.ZGAQ-00544[2]  SHIM(0.90T)
050.ZGAQ-00545[2]  SHIM(0.95T)
050.ZGAQ-00546[2]  SHIM(1.0T)
050.ZGAQ-00547[2]  SHIM(1.05T)
050.ZGAQ-00548[2]  SHIM(1.10T)
050.ZGAQ-00549[2]  SHIM(1.15T)
050.ZGAQ-00550[2]  SHIM(1.2T)
050.ZGAQ-00552[2]  SHIM(1.25T)
050.ZGAQ-00553[2]  SHIM(1.30T)
050.ZGAQ-00554[2]  SHIM(1.35T)
050.ZGAQ-00555[2]  SHIM(1.4T)
050.ZGAQ-00556[2]  SHIM(1.45T)
050.ZGAQ-00557[2]  SHIM(1.50T)
050.ZGAQ-00558[2]  SHIM(1.55T)
050.ZGAQ-00559[2]  SHIM(1.60T)
050.ZGAQ-00560[2]  SHIM(1.65)
050.ZGAQ-00561[2]  SHIM(2.0T)
050.ZGAQ-00562[2]  SHIM(1.47T)
050.ZGAQ-00563[2]  SHIM(1.63T)
050.ZGAQ-00564[2]  SHIM(1.75T)
050.ZGAQ-00565[2]  SHIM(1.70T)
050.ZGAQ-00566[2]  SHIM(1.80T)
050.ZGAQ-00567[2]  SHIM(1.85T)
050.ZGAQ-00568[2]  SHIM(1.90T)
050.ZGAQ-00569[2]  SHIM(1.95T)
120.ZGAQ-01084[2]  O-RING
130.ZGAQ-01361[32]  SCREW-HEX
240.@[1]  PLUG-SCREW
241.ZGAQ-02191[1]  PLUG-SCREW
242.ZGAQ-02192[1]  O-RING
250.@[1]  PLUG-SCREW
251.ZGAQ-02193[1]  PLUG-SCREW
252.ZGAQ-02192[1]  O-RING
340.ZGAQ-02891[2]  BUSHING
350.ZGAQ-02892[2]  SEAL-SHAFT
550.ZGAQ-02242[1]  TRACK ROD-LH
551.ZGAQ-02243[1]  BALL JOINT-LH
552.ZGAQ-02244[1]  JOINT-AXIAL
553.ZGAQ-02245[1]  NUT-HEX
560.ZGAQ-02246[1]  TRACK ROD-RH
561.ZGAQ-02247[1]  BALL JOINT-RH
562.ZGAQ-02244[1]  JOINT-AXIAL
563.ZGAQ-02245[1]  NUT-HEX
570.ZGAQ-02248[2]  NUT-LOCKING

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